Friday, 6 January 2012

everything is NEW !

hye gadess dan hensemm :]

By the name of ALLAH. Today is 12 Safar 1433H on 6th January 2012. And it's almost one week we have been in our new world  in this new year. So far. How do you feel ? Any differences or just same like the previous year ? Now, we have been in year 2012 . Just think how fast time goes and it has done its job. How about yours? Have done all of the things in your list that you made on the 1st January last year. Just check the list what did you list out ? What have you done please draw a line on it with the red marker. Thanks. 

It's very good to know if what have we planned, we did with successful. Ouupss! First of all, before I continue with my bubbling, please forgive me and just ignore for my broken English. I know my English is very bad but I want to improve it. Just let me. Thank you friends. Secondly, I want to apologize for any offense committed during last year. I know there are a lots of mistakes that I have done either to myself or to all of you. Please. Please. and Please forgive me. I'm begging to you. Let me start my new year with the new year life and new memories. 

Yah. It's not that easy for us to be the best for everyone. I am not a perfect girl. Same goes to you. We're not perfect. NOBODY IS PERFECT. Right? But for me NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Allah always give us chance to be better than before. Just think, today is better than yesterday but tomorrow is better than today. But if we have decided to be worst than before, it's your fault. Please don't ever blame no one for that reason. You've choose your own way for your life and you'll deserve it. 

Arhh. What i'm talking about. Haha. Actually, today I want to share with all my readers about my new year life. I never thought that I'll be teenager so fast like this. Within the year of 2012, I'm now 19's. Woww! Next year I'll star my new life with the '2X' life. Do you know what it's means ? It's mean that I'l be 20 years old. Oh no! I'm still young. And my mother always say that my mind still like childish even I'm 19. Haha. Yep! It's me. I AM WHO I AM. What's the reason for to me to be other person? 

OKEYH! Stop bubbling. Straight to the point. In this 2012. The new number and new year. I want to make it a bit difference from the previous one. What I want to do? Just simple, because I love my simple life. Hurm. I WANT EVERYTHING IS NEW IN MY LIFE ! But it's does not mean that I new clothes, new shoes, new house, new handphone, and blablabla. I just want my NEW LIFE. I would like to erased all my pass time in my LIFE's DICTIONARY. BTW. I'll keep all of that as my SWEET MEMORIES in my life and all those mistakes I'll always try to not do it again and again. 

See! I'm more stronger than before. So, I AM TOUGH DAUGHTER ! Yeah! I am ! Don't ever you bother my life. I have my own life. You have too. So, PLEASE DON'T DISTURB ME. Thank you. Ok. back to the title. As I have not update my blog for a long time, so, for this entry I like to make it long, longer and longest entry. May I ? Thanks dearie :D Hurm.  

New year timeline : countdown – party – make a wish and pray for the new life – thinking and listing. I have a lots of AZAM BARU for this new year. First of all for my own self, secondly for my beloved family and lastly for my friends and others. If I want to list all of them it’ll take a long page and you will become so bored to read all of that. Haha.

# me, myself and I

©      InsyaAllah, I’ll change my bad attitude to be better. I’ll not be hot-tempered anymore and I’ll try to control my emotion. But still got the limits. I want to be more stronger than before. I’ll not easily let my tears gone out because of the nonsense things. Crying because being scolded by my parents and fighting with my sibling or friends. Crying because does not get what I want. Errr. That’s is so annoying. I’m not that one anymore. I want everybody to get along with me and be more comfortable with me.

Since, I like to expressed my feelings and what have been burning in my heart. I like to expresses it in either in my diary or this blog. I’ll not tell anyone. And the best way is I’ll expresses it straight to Allah . so, I want to make my everyday prays more perfect. I don’t want to let anyone know about my problem. I’m getting 19 right now, I’ll to solve my problems by my own. TROUBLE IS MY FRIEND.

©       Besides that, InsyaAllah, I want to be more hardworking than before. I’ll not postponed anymore any works or assignments and if I have my problem in study I’ll immediately refer to my lecturer or my friend. I want to struggle and fight each other with my classmate to get the highest score. Just like in my late schools. I’ll fight with the top student of my friend to be the TOP SCORER. Ouuhh! It’s the positive competition right.

In my university life, I want to strive for 4.0 flat in my study. I want to be in a dean list. If in semester1, I managed to get the best result, why not for the next semester, right? Dr. Wong is my mentor and he always asked me to ‘struggle giler’ in my study. He wanted me to get 3.8 and above for the first class dean for this semester and maintain it for the next semester. InsyaAllah, I’ll get the flying colours.

©       My hobby is reading magazine, watching the movies and listening to music. I love facebooking too. I’ll spend my time with my social network – facebook, myspace, twitter, blog. I’ll also continue to collect all the REMAJA collections. Texting and chatting will be focused if there is important or I’ll miss someone. And the rest of my time will spend for my lovely books, family and friends. I am a shopaholic too. So, if I get any extra money I’ll be not stingy to spend my money for others especially for my BLACKFOREST.

# lovely family

©       I want to spend all my time with my beloved family. I love my family for damn much. I don’t want to get far with them. Even I know I am strong but my heart and my life just for my family. Ibu, ayah, abang, achik, puci, adeq and lovely neneks. I love all of them. Please don’t take them from me.

©       Not forget to my lovely adeq SHAH. He’s the one who always make my face cheers with my sweet smile every seconds. I love him so much. And the JUNIOR SHAH. You’re my new ‘sumber inspirasi’. I know we’re still new. At least you can be my cure but not to replace my star. My star will always be mine forever and ever. And don’t worry, you’ll be fadhila’s forever. 

# F.R.I.E.N.D.S

©       I know it’s not that easy to be the best of friend in the world. I know I have done mistakes in my late school in other to protect my friendship. Now, I have my good think to think whether it is good or not for my friends and I. But the more important thing is I’ll try to be the best among the best for all of you.

©       I have my best friends since I am in primary school. They are NUR FARHANA and NUR SYAZWANI. Yep! I love them so much too. I willing to spend my time during my holidays for them. We always hanging out together but now time has changed everything. We’ve make our own life. I am so sad but it’s ok. I know I am strong !

©       Allah still love me. Now, I have 2 besties and a lots of best friends. ZIERA, EJAT, KIENAH, YANA, IEQA, ECAH, ALYAA, FEEZA, DIELA, HUDA, EVY, AINA and my lovely ‘twin’ TASHA. The are my smile now. Caring, lovely, cool, genius, sporting, crazy. They are. I learned a lot about friendships from them. They taught me to be more talkative, more crazier, more sporting, more tougher and more cool heart. Ziera and Ejat is my besties forever.

©       For Mr. Love. I am not interested with you anymore . I’m not going to let my heart broke again and again. So, guys please don’t ever bother me. I love to make friends with you but I hate to have more than that. I have learned everything about love through my pass time. Sorry and thank you for your kindness. I appreciate it.

Hurm, maybe all of this is half of my new list for this new year. I’m not going to list it from 1 to 10 anymore. Now, I learned to do anything with reasons. What I want to do must have good reasons for me to do it. Allah did everything with good reasons. That’s all for right now. May Allah bless you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

i am who i am (",)

strong daughter never give up :] 

WINK : I am who I am. I’m changing to be the new NATASHAH NABILAH for myself not for yours. I want to be the best for myself. I am simple person but sometimes can be more complex with a lots of trouble. ALL IS WELL.

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