Wednesday, 11 January 2012

shy . shy . rabbit +__=

hello peeps !

Today, I wanna share a story that make me very shy. 
Last evening, I had a public speaking task.
Ouhh! I very tired of this. 
tak suker tau cakap kat depan orang ramai niyh
buat nervous jekk. haha
I am the last person for that task and of course ...
I make the preparation since one week before.
Should I managed to done that task perfectly.
I just got 16 marks over 20. 
Mom said, "it's very good for you to get such that marks."
hoho. I'm not proud to myself but I still proud.
Ohh! What I am talking about.

maybe. i'm blushing at that time.
Yeah! Actually I'm very coward to talk in front of public.
It'll be fine at first and at last the tsunami will come over.
Ohh no! I hate that guys who laughing at me when it's my turn.
Hey guys! Please shut up ok. That's not funny.
Hurm. I just got the simple title which is "MY FAVORITE BOOK"
Miss Husna is very kind person who giving me that easier title.
But. I am loser! I can't do it well. Huh!
I just have a lots of contents without fluently speaking.
Ermm. Okeyh. That's all for today.
I just want to say that I'll do my best for the next task.

WINK : I am not give up!