Thursday, 9 February 2012

i'm not hate it -___-

morning people :]

I just wanna share a short story today. It's about a little and very cute animals.


Yess! About a cat. Not many. Just one. Since when I like cats? Errrr. Never !
Ouppss. Sorry! I don't meant it. But sorry to say. I don't like cats. It make me feeling smaller than them.
Because of what ? Just because of an incident of my pass time with a cat.
And after that incident, I am very traumatic to get near with cats and even hear for the 'miowwwwing'. 

Mostly, my friends knew that I am fobia with cats and of course my family do.
But, today incident will make me become more anti-cats. Sorry dear cats ~
After having dinner with my besties; ejat, kienah, and ecah. We just go back to college.
On the way to close the lift door, suddenly a cat running inside the lift.
And I tried to going out from that lift but my 'cruel' besties immediately touch the button 'closed'.
OMG! Where I want to go in that small lift?? Damnn! I screaming all over the lift and running around.
Grrrrrrr! *tettttt! I hate you guys! You make my heart stop counting. 
If I have the super power just like 'CICAK-MAN'. 
I want to stick at the wall so that the cat cannot come right near to me!

so sorry -___-

Sorry dear cat. I know that all of you are very cute. I don't hate you but just a little bit traumatic. 
That was a really embarrassing incident for me. unlike!!!

WINK :: Dear friends. Please don't do it again. I'm begging. Please ~


  1. I love cat ! T.T nak cat ! nak cat !

  2. eeeeeeeee! taknak laa! amek laa cat tuh bwk maen jaoh2.