Sunday, 15 April 2012

our final projek !

good evening for non-muslim :]

Hello guys ! sorry sebab dah lame tak update. Btw, kali niyh entri agak menarek even mcm dah basi siket kan. Hehe. Actually dah lame nak post tapi asyik laa lupe jek. So. Back to the title, “Final Project” . This is regarding our last assignment for semester2. OKEYH. Make it short, this interesting assignment make us proud of ourself. We need to produce our own product by ourself. The task is simple. Just modified the product which are groups of children toys. So we have made our decision to make a simple game which is modification of Snake and Ladders game. We modified it to become the newest game characters of Boboi Boy. Huh! Speaking sudaah. Hehe. Maybe kalau tunjuk gambar lagi korang paham kowt kan. Game ni macam game dam ular just kitorang tukar watak ular and tangga kepada watak kartun Boboi Boy. Agak menarek. See! The first product launced by TYZE’s corporation :D

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