a very GOOD EVENING for non-muslim :)

OKEYH!...without wasting anytime, let we start now. HUH! I would like to ask one question to all of you. What does we usually do when we meet someone for the first time? Introduces ourself?? GOOD! So, for our first meeting in this blog, I would like to introduce myself as the owner of this blog :)

So, let us make it short. I am just a single girl not so little. Myself currently change due to the situations and conditions. Haha. I'm babling now. Just ignore it. For me, I am just a simple person but sometimes can be more complex with a lot of problems and works. I do like study very much but it does not mean I am nerdy. Huh! I am not also a bookworm. Wanna be that but I can't. Not so tall. Just cute as my name :) 
Here is something interesting about me ;

.: NAME :.
tasyabella for short
.: BORN :. 
060293 - kuala lumpur
.: LIVES :.
 currently at Historical City
.: STUDY :.
diploma science - currently at Perak
commics + magazines + mathematics + graphics
blue - pink - black - white - pestel
teddy bear + chocolate blackforest
Making hearts with THEM are so sweeet ;)

WINK: "...i'm blogging for sharing my experiences to my readers. I'm not write like "cemalam iteww gadohh dengan pakwe iteww" .  EUWWWW, that was annoying -_- . I will never write in those kind of words" [i take this words from my friend-NAJAH]